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Why Go Private?

If you are looking for local healthcare and want to be sure that you choose the best available, then being a Private Patient, otherwise know as a Premium Care patient, at Woodland Hospital could be for you. Please read our "Setting the Standard for Private Healthcare" booklet for more information.

What is Premium Care?

As a private patient you will receive exclusive benefits, from great food and a relaxing environment, to priority access and appointments to suit your lifestyle.  We aim to help you feel like a guest as well as a patient. This is Premium Care.

Ramsay's customer service and hotel services set us apart from other healthcare providers, as we deliver care in a small and friendly environment away from the hustle and bustle of a large hospital.

For a full list of benefits you will receive as a Premium Care patient, please visit our service benefits page.

Who is entitled to Premium Care?

All self funding and most privately insured patients can enjoy Premium Care at Woodland Hospital.  Check whether your insurance policy covers you for care at Woodland Hospital by calling your insurer direct.

To find out more about a unit close to you, including how much self pay treatments may cost, contact Woodland Hospital via our online form.


For more information on the treatments we offer for private patients please visit our treatment finder page.