Knee Surgery at Woodland Hospital

Knee Surgery at Woodland Hospital

Pain in your knee can be a real inconvenience and can stop you living the life you want to lead. You may struggle to do sports, walk any distance or do normal tasks around the house and garden. 

But knee pain does not have to be lived with. Painkillers and physiotherapy may help in some cases, but if you have long-lasting, more severe, pain you may want to consider surgical options.

What can cause knee pain?

The knee is one of the most easily injured joints and common knee injuries that cause pain include:
• Fractures
• Dislocations
• Sprains and strains
• Torn ligaments

Some sports that involve a lot of turning carry a particularly high risk of knee injuries, such as football, basketball, netball and skiing.

There are several different types of treatments offered by Woodland Hospital to help with troublesome knees and aches and pains. As a first step, you should visit your GP for more advice.

Find out the answers to more frequently asked knee questions

Surgery for knee pain

At Woodland Hospital we have a highly experienced and professional team of Orthopaedic Surgeons that can diagnose, treat and manage all types of knee problems. They will perform knee surgery if required which is usually very effective in reducing pain and helping the return of normal functioning of the knee.

Here are the main knee surgeries we perform at Woodland Hospital: 

Arthroscopy is the most commonly performed orthopaedic procedure and allows your surgeon to see inside your knee using a camera inserted through small cuts in the skin into your knee joint. The small incisions required for an arthroscopy will heal much faster and be less painful than traditional open surgery. Read more about knee arthroscopy surgery.

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the important ligaments that stabilise the knee joint and if this ligament has been torn or ruptured, the knee can collapse or ‘give way’ when making twisting or turning movements. ACL injuries are one of the most common types of knee injuries. The ACL is usually torn when you change direction rapidly, you land incorrectly from a jump or you have a collision.  The ACL is often injured during high demand sporting activities such as football, squash, rugby, basketball and skiing.

If your ACL reconstruction is successful, your knee should not give way anymore. This will allow you to be more active and return to some or all of your sporting activities. Read more about ACL reconstruction surgery.

Knee replacement surgery is usually carried out when arthritis has badly affected the knee or the knee has been injured. The cartilage which covers the bony surfaces of the knee joint becomes worn away, which causes pain. The knee may also be visibly swollen. 

Your surgeon will make a cut on the front of your knee and remove the damaged joint surfaces. They will replace these with an artificial knee joint made of metal, plastic, ceramic, or a combination of these materials. If your knee replacement is successful, you should have less pain and be able to walk more easily. Read more about total knee replacement surgery.

Read more about the other Orthopaedic procedures available at Woodland Hospital.

Which Consultants can I see about my knee pain?

Patient feedback

  • The staff cannot do enough for you at Woodland Hospital. I had my knee replaced and all staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. I  can’t wait until I have my other knee done, thanks to you all.
  • I have had two total knee replacements at Woodland Hospital in July 2016 and February 2017. On both occasions the consultations were thorough, everything that was going to happen was clearly explained and questions answered fully. When I went into hospital for the operations I was very well looked after, before, during and after. The accommodation and food were excellent. All the staff, from receptionist’s right through to my surgeon were efficient, friendly and attentive. Physio aftercare at the hospital was very good, I went to my local physio service after my first operation and was very unimpressed, this time I am having the hospital physio which is much more useful and effective.
  • From seeing the receptionist on my first visit right up to my second operation, everybody I came into contact with was friendly and caring. My Consultant, Mr Shah was also extremely professional and friendly. Together with the anaesthetist they answered my worries and fears brilliantly. I did not have a worry at all when I went in for either of my operations.
  • ‘Since having my surgeries with Mr Shah I can now walk better than I have in the last 10 years and am free from pain. I still work a couple of days a week for the family business on markets in Milton Keynes and Bedford and Mr Shah has truly given me a new lease of life – I can walk for miles!’
  • I had never spent a night in hospital, but for me Woodland Hospital is the best place to have an operation if you need one. It is very clean and all the staff worked together very well. I was treated with care and respect at all times so I would highly recommend Woodland Hospital to anybody.

These are just a few of our reviews given on NHS Choices and Facebook. Find out more on our patient feedback page.


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