Meet Mr Shukla Consultant Q&A

Meet Mr Shukla Consultant Q&A

Mr Divyang Shukla
is a full time Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon at Woodland Hospital who specialises in hip & knee, shoulder & elbow, hand and wrist and foot & ankle surgery.

How long have you been working as an Orthopaedic Consultant?

I have been an Orthopaedic Consultant since 2003. I completed by Orthopaedic Training programme and Master’s Degree in Orthopaedics from India prior to coming to UK and then completed my training in UK in Trauma and Orthopaedics.
I completed my FRCS, FRCS(Orthopaedics), MCh (Orthopaedics) from Liverpool University and also gained European Board Fellowship in Trauma and Orthopaedics. I have also gained further specialist experience by complete Fellowships in Germany and Australia in fields of Joint Reconstruction and Shoulder surgery.
I specialise in Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery, Arthroscopic surgery for Sports Injuries for knee joint. On the top of this I have developed expertise in all aspect of Shoulder joint Surgeries – Arthroscopic and Replacement.

People often write off hip and knee injuries as just a sprain, but what signs should we look out for to indicate it is something more serious which may need treatment?

The most common misunderstanding is actual the perception of “hip joint pain” which is commonly confused with pain from the Lower back and surrounding areas. Groin pain which fails to subside even after usual methods of pain management, after six to eight weeks certainly deserves more attention and a specialist opinion.
Knee joint pain on the other hand is more specific. The key warning sings to look out for are swelling, locking and giving way sensations. This should warrant further investigations if fails to subside along with a history of trauma.

What are the most typical complaints or injuries you treat?

Knees are the most common joint affected by injuries –– particularly sports injuries from contact sports like football and rugby. I also come across vast number of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries and meniscal tears with skiing injuries.
I treat a large number of post traumatic shoulder injuries for injuries such as recurrent dislocations and instability along with rotator cuff tears.
All of these injuries are very well treated through arthroscopic surgery (key hole) as a day case procedure.

How does the way in which we live in early life affect our joints in later life?

There needs to be a strong focus towards joint preservation at an early stage to avoid problems later on in life.
I regularly perform ligament reconstruction arthroscopically, meniscal repairs and early stage partial joint replacement which not only helps to restore more physiological joint action but also helps in delaying progression of post traumatic arthritis.

Can you tell us what particularly you find beneficial about what Woodland Hospital has to offer to patients?

Here at Woodland Hospital, we are pioneers in patient specific instrumentation in Joint replacement surgery. This is where joint replacement surgery is planned specifically to the anatomy of the patient before surgery allowing accurate implant positioning and selection for the patient.
I am also currently piloting an enhanced recovery programme for patients receiving joint replacements and so far we have had very satisfactory outcome in terms of better pain management, same day mobility of patient after joint replacement and quicker recovery there by better patient experience through the whole journey of a major surgery.
Arthroscopic surgery now for Knee and Shoulder is my well established practice. At Woodland Hospital, we provide one of the highest number of Shoulder Replacement in the county.

You’re obviously a very busy man. How do you relax?

Work is never tiring physically for me. I love and most importantly I enjoy every bit of it. Spending time with my wife and children in the evening and weekend is the most relaxing. I also enjoy walking in the country side and reading.


Mr Shukla is available for both private patient and NHS appointments. Call 01536 210 019 for private patients enquiries. For NHS appointments, ask your GP to refer you to Woodland Hospital.

Read Mr Shukla’s full profile here: /specialist/orthopaedics/mr-divyang-shukla

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