Ovarian Cysts at Woodland Hospital

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cyst Removal

An ovarian cyst is a sac filled with liquid that forms on an ovary. They are particularly common and normally do not cause any discomfort – in most cases they are harmless.

The cysts can start to prove painful if they rupture, prevent blood from entering the ovaries or are particularly big. These then lead to the following symptoms:

  •          Stomach bloating
  •          Infertility (difficulty in conceiving)
  •          Pain during sexual intercourse
  •          Sharp pelvic pain
  •          A constant need to pass urine

Most cysts can be treated surgically via laparoscopy - a type of minimally invasive surgery where a laparoscope is inserted (small microscope) into your abdomen in order to inspect and remove the cyst. This type of procedure leads to less scarring and a quicker recovery time.

Another way to treat an ovarian cyst is through a laparotomy, a surgery used for diagnosis or preparation for major surgery. The surgeon makes an incision into the abdomen and inspects the cyst – a biopsy or the entire cyst may be removed and then sent to a lab for analysis. This procedure is normally used if the cyst is particularly large.

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